World Languages Resource Center

Students in need of additional help in their language course are encouraged to take advantage of the World Languages Department (WLD) Resource Center. The purpose of the WLD Resource Center is to support students who are appropriately placed in their world language course at GBN but need additional help with course content or need extra time to practice the skills learned during their class time.  The WLD Resource Center is staffed from 7:40 am until 11:00 am every day by teachers and instructional assistants who work with these students in a small group or one-on-one setting during blocks when a student has SRT, Advocacy, Guided Studies, Study Hall, or Study Strategies.
If a student is unable to work with a teacher in the morning in the WLD Resource Center, we recommend that the student reach out to their instructor to coordinate a time when they can work with their teacher one-on-one.
Students who would prefer to work with a peer tutor may contact the WLD Honor Society Peer Tutoring Coordinator, Ms. Vogg, at 847.509.2521 or