Welcome to GBN Student Activities

For over 50 years, Glenbrook North has celebrated its three “A’s” - Academics, Activities, and Athletics. Our clubs and organizations complement student life and help to make GBN a special place. We are constantly looking for new ideas and ways to get students and the community involved in our activities so they can experience the pride and loyalty of Glenbrook North High School. Research overwhelmingly demonstrates the value of student involvement in extra-curricular activities.

The experience students gain from planning activities, leading student groups, or participating in service work promotes social and emotional growth. Involvement in student activities provides a meaningful connection with adults and peers outside of the regular school day and cultivates healthy relationships and teamwork. We invite students to join an activity or club. 

If students leave school at 3:00 pm everyday, they are turning away life-changing opportunities. If students are uncertain about what to get involved in, stop by the Student Activities Office and we can help find the right fit. Expand your horizons and become part of the Spartan Family!

Samara Nassir
Student Spotlight
“My favorite thing about GBN is the community we have in our school. It’s really nice and supportive.”
- Samara Nassir