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Glenbrook North High School prides itself in its expansive offerings through the areas of the four A's: Arts, Activities, Athletics and Academics.

This webpage serves as a hub for all things Arts-related; however, we realize there is often overlap with Activities and Academics. We encourge you to explore those department webpages as well.

Tickets now on sale for 2020 Variety Show "Vision"

Tickets for this year's Variety Show "Vision" are on sale now! The show will run February 13-15 in the CTA. Tickets are $15 each.

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GBN Choir & Theatre Patrons Organization

GBN Choir & Theatre Patrons Organization is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the expansion, support, and engagement of the Glenbrook North High School choir and theatre community.

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Junior finds self-expression, enlightenment through artwork


Dean Kousiounelos, a junior at GBN, has been refining his artistic skills for his entire life.

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