Alum returns to showcase student talent

Glenbrook North alum Jake Prizant (‘13) has been devoting his time to the stage since second grade. Thanks to involvement in local productions, acting camps, school musicals, and ultimately studying acting at in Boston, Mass., his performing career has grown as he has.

After graduating from Emerson College, Prizant returned home to Northbrook and began searching for a new theatrical endeavor. He reached out to GBN choir and theater director Julie Ann Robinson, inquiring about projects or classes that she might need help with. Robinson said she was looking for help with the winter showcase, and Prizant was more than willing to lend a hand. 

“She said I could do whatever I wanted [with the show],” Prizant said. “That got me super excited.”

Prizant said he became increasingly interested in sketch comedy throughout his time in college and wanted to give current GBN students a taste of the comedic world he fell in love with. He decided to make the winter showcase into a sketch comedy show.

Prizant said the show is completely student-written, containing short, “Saturday-Night-Live-esque” skits that are meant to give the audience a laugh. 

Senior Maddy Chemers, a performer in the show, said she looks forward to seeing the audience’s reaction. 

“All of us [performers] think the skits are hilarious but you never know what the audience will think,” Chemers said.

Even more than providing them with acting techniques, Prizant said he wants to give his performers the confidence they need to produce their own material.

“When I got to college, I was suddenly around all these people who were labelling themselves as comedy writers or writers in general,” Prizant said. “And I was like ‘How did you become a comedy writer?’ And then I realized, you just start writing and you’re a comedy writer. … Just giving [the students] enough confidence to label themselves as what they want to become means one day they’ll just look up and say ‘I am that. I’m doing that, so I am that.’”

Prizant said he is thankful for GBN’s inclusive environment and the role it played in his involvement in high school theater. 

“I always did what I wanted to do and I never felt judged for it,” Prizant said. “So many people I’ve met have said they didn’t do high school theater because it wasn’t cool or they got bullied for it. I love GBN because I could do what I wanted and I never felt like it was weird or I was out of place.”

If you go:

“Rassle Dassle,” a sketch comedy revue
7:00 pm, December 14, 15 and 16
Where: Drama Room E110
Cost/Info: This show will feature 14 students who will create original sketch comedy material. Tickets are $8 and can be purchased at the door, or in advance during all lunch hours.



Alum returns to showcase student talent