Distinguished Teacher award goes to Dr. Greenstein

This year’s Glenbrook North Parents’ Association Distinguished Teacher Award was given to Dr. Michael Greenstein on May 26.

Greenstein, a Spartan alumnus, started working at GBN in 2009. He is a social studies and debate teacher, and is also the head coach for the school debate team. 

Dr. John Finan, GBN principal, described Greenstein as a “tremendously talented and well-rounded educator.”

“He has built a community and culture of excellence within the debate program, and this same level of excellence applies to everything that he does,” Finan said. “He is humble, kind, passionate, diligent and collaborative by nature.”

One of Greenstein’s senior students, Jonah Jacobs, shared how his teacher has helped him grow not only in the realm of academics, but also as a thoughtful, passionate individual. 

“All GBN staff help people grow as students, but this teacher does more than that,” Jacobs said. “… Even if you strip away the debate knowledge that he’s passed out to me, and the love of AP Government that he’s instilled in me, this teacher has equipped me with the raw tools that I will use to pursue success for the rest of my life: confidence, work ethic, passion, honesty, humility and leadership.”

Jacobs said his experience with Greenstein has inspired him to pursue a career in teaching as well.

“Mr. Greenstein is the type of leader that motivates me to make a difference in someone’s day, and he is the type of friend, husband and father that I aspire to be as an adult,” Jacobs said.

Robin Bear, a member of the GBN Parents’ Association, said this award is unique because busy students are taking the time to write an essay and nominate a teacher that has really done something to spark their future success. 

“Many of the winning teachers over the years have helped students through difficult times, taught them to respect others, showed them how to multi-task or how to control anxiety between academics and extracurriculars, and more often, how to grow into a nice person.”

Distinguished Teacher award goes to Dr. Greenstein