Get to know Dr. Ed Solis

Dr. Ed Solis has been named the Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction. He previously served as the Instructional Supervisor of the GBN English Department, beginning his work at GBN in 2007. Dr. Solis has 25 years of experience as an educator with an extensive background in leadership. This summer, the Glenbrook PR Office sat down with Dr. Solis to learn more about his new role.

PR: Please tell us a little more about your responsibilities as Associate Principal for Curriculum and Instruction.

Dr. Solis: I’m overseeing all the academic departments and working with the instructional supervisors in all subject areas. This includes organizing professional development opportunities for the school, and also coordinating standardized testing opportunities for the students.

PR: Have you always wanted to work in education? Could you tell us a little about your background?

Dr. Solis: I’ve been in the classroom teaching for 25 years. My doctorate is in Curriculum and Instruction. I’ve always had a passion for developing and designing classroom curriculum. As an English teacher, I was part of several curriculum teams. It’s been rewarding to be able to help redesign the ways in which learning takes place during the school day.

PR: How will your past experience as an instructional supervisor help you succeed in this new role?

Dr. Solis: The part that’s most helpful is already being familiar with GBN culture. We will have two new instructional supervisors this year that I look forward to mentoring. I can also anticipate the needs of our staff and know what’s coming up at various points throughout the year.

PR: What does Spartan Pride mean to you?

Dr. Solis: The Spartan community is made up of students, parents and staff that are dedicated to achieving greatness and being engaged in the three A’s (Academics, Activities and Athletics). You can feel the energy on a daily basis here at the school. There’s a high level of participation on behalf of everyone.

PR: What are some major goals you have for this school year?

Dr. Solis: I plan to examine the assessment practices of the school and continue the homework conversation that’s happening on a district level. It’s important that we understand how homework, grading and final exams fit into our system of achievement but also our overarching goal of student wellness. 

PR: What’s fun fact that people might not know about you?

Dr. Solis: Along with being an instructional supervisor, I was also the Guitar Club sponsor here at GBN for five years. I hope to continue to find places in the building to play music with students and staff. I like to play guitar, attend a lot of concerts and listen to music. 

Get to know Dr. Ed Solis