Goodman named Distinguished Teacher

Mr. Steve Goodman of the Glenbrook North math department has been named the school’s Distinguished Teacher for 2019.

Goodman has worked at GBN for 17 years, teaching math and computer science. He has led the school’s math team to clenching three state championship titles in the last three years, and is also the coding club sponsor. 

“In short, this teacher has been the most influential teacher in my life,” said senior Kyle Williams, who nominated Goodman for the award.

Williams said Goodman’s classes are fun and engaging. 

“[He’s] truly gone above and beyond, and has had the deepest impact on me as a learner,” Williams said. “It has been demonstrated time and again that this teacher cares about us truly as people, and sees us as more than just students … which speaks volumes about this teacher’s empathy level.”

Williams recalled a time when Goodman spent his weekend taking eight students to the University of Chicago for a coding competition. 

“That was one of my favorite moments of last year,” Williams said.

Williams said he considers Goodman to be “not only an amazing teacher, but a true mentor.”

“This teacher treats all students with the same care and respect,” he said. 

GBN Principal Dr. John Finan agreed that Goodman is one of the best at what he does.

“He is clearly a master when it comes to teaching AP Computer Science or AP Stats – or any and all levels of math classes,” Finan said. “He is always looking to better himself as a professional through attending workshops and professional development sessions that are at the cutting edge in his field.”

Finan noted that while Goodman is always building relationships with his students and dedicating his time as a coach and leader, he is also developing school spirit in his classes.

“Steve’s impact extends well beyond the classroom,” he said. 
Goodman named Distinguished Teacher