Ms. Scholz receives 2018 Distinguished Teacher Award

Genuine, empowering, extraordinary.

These were just a few words used to describe Glenbrook North English teacher Amanda Scholz before she received the 2018 Distinguished Teacher Award on May 26.

Prajnaa Bangalore Mahaveer Jain, an AP Junior English student, delivered the speech introducing Ms. Scholz.

“I am beyond excited to be standing here today to present this award to a teacher who goes far beyond what is expected,” Jain said. “This teacher continually shows genuine concern about shaping her students into self-advocating and capable individuals.

This teacher is a uniter. She is able to bring people together by curating a classroom environment that validates and explores individual circumstances that we don’t have at GBN. Then, she teaches us how to apply it to our own lives. This teacher continuously broadens her knowledge and understanding of others, emphasizing our shared humanity.”

Karen Cunningham, English Department instructional supervisor, said Ms. Scholz is “super respected” within the department for the time she puts in with her students and the way she asks them to think critically about what they are reading.

“Her students really start to rise to the occasion,” Cunningham said. “She also gives them tremendous feedback on their writing. She couldn’t be more deserving of the award.”

Jain noted that Ms. Scholz’s “articulation and intelligence is second to none.” 

“When she addresses us, I sense the trust she places in each one of us as humans first, and then as students,” Jain said. “She even ends class stating her thanks for the work we’ve been doing … On top of her distinction as an educator, she remains incredibly humble.”

Ms. Scholz has been teaching in Glenbrook District 225 for nearly 27 years. 
Ms. Scholz receives 2018 Distinguished Teacher Award