Sister success: O'Regans reflect on Spartan tennis careers

They have been teammates for 14 years and sisters for 18. At the ages of four and five, senior Catherine O’Regan and 2017 alumna Colette O’Regan were handed their first tennis rackets.

They have been playing the sport ever since. 

Catherine is graduating high school this spring with four state tournament qualifications under her belt, three of which she entered as Colette’s doubles partner.

Colette had a feeling that she and her sister would make a great team.

“I knew that we needed to play together since we had played together our entire lives, so I told [our coach] that I wanted to play with Catherine to see how we worked as a doubles team,” Colette said. “Thankfully, she said yes and we played the first Saturday invite together as partners. We played really well and came close to beating a team that had a lot of experience in the finals of that tournament. We definitely proved that we could go far if we played together permanently.”

Catherine said the sister dynamic only occasionally caused disagreements on the court.

“We felt comfortable telling each other our honest opinions and didn’t hold back if we thought our own strategies were better,” Catherine said. “However, our disagreements never got in the way of winning a match or having fun.”

Colette said it was this honest feedback that often led to their success.

“We both wanted to succeed so we made sure that we were on the same page about what we needed to do,” Colette said. “There were plenty of times where we’d get annoyed with each other and fight a little, but we somehow were always able to pull it together and win.”

Colette said the first season she played with her sister was “extremely fun” because no one knew who they were yet, and they didn’t feel as much pressure as they did in their final seasons. 

“But by our last season together we had learned so many skills and definitely looked more like a real doubles team,” Colette said. “We were much more confident in being aggressive at the net, and that definitely contributed to our success against some really tough teams we faced.”

Catherine said the duo worked more intensely at their doubles game in their last two seasons together.

“By the end [of our high school career], we definitely had a greater understanding of the importance of each point and how far we could go if we worked together,” Catherine said. “In our final two years together we focused a lot more on doubles outside of the school season and made sure to enjoy our final matches together.”

Colette can happily reflect on the growth that she and her sister underwent from the beginning to the end of their high school tennis careers.

“It was really fun to see how we improved together, individually and as a team, and I’m so happy that I have all these memories of playing with [Catherine] when I think about my high school tennis career,” she said.
Sister success: O'Regans reflect on Spartan tennis careers