Sisters take the stage of 'Flight'

The lights rose slowly, and two silhouettes stood shrouded in shadow. The Eydelman sisters were ready to perform in Glenbrook North’s 2018 Variety show, “Flight.”

Junior Anya Eydelman and freshman Ilana Eydelman have been singing together since Ilana was old enough to speak. Russian being their first language, they chose to sing “Prayer,” a famous Russian prayer song that rose to fame circa World War 2.

“When we were choosing what song we wanted to sing, we wanted a Russian song because it reminded us of our childhood,” Ilana said. “The song ‘Prayer’ is very close to our family and has a powerful meaning so we knew that this song would be perfect.”

Anya said the act never fails to make her emotional every time they perform it.

“There’s a part where my sister and I do a harmony right after we take a long pause, and we sing ‘Give some gold to the happy man,’ and it’s so beautiful and well timed,” Anya said. “It always makes me tear up.”

Throughout the practicing process, the sisters taught and learned from each other.

“Anya and I always improve when we are singing together,” Ilana said. “The song [is emotional], and Anya taught me how to sing with emotion and how to change my voice in different parts of the song. On the other hand, I feel like I have helped Anya with controlling her voice to be louder and more powerful during some parts of the song.”

From their childhood to today’s impactful duet, the Eydelman sisters have carried their music close to their hearts.

“It feels like we’ve really come a long way together now that we are performing in front of the school,” Anya said.

Sisters take the stage of 'Flight'