Where do GBN students go after graduation?

Glenbrook North reported 97 percent of the graduating class of 2016 is pursuing higher education this fall at 143 institutions.

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Oakton Community College remain the most popular college choices selected by the former Glenbrook North students, followed closely in a tie between Indiana University, University of Iowa, University of Missouri and Illinois State University.

Some of the other top attended universities or colleges include University of Wisconsin-Madison, Northwestern, DePaul and University of Arizona. Students applied to an average of more than six institutions.

Of the 97 percent of students attending college, 70 percent remain in the Midwest, 39 percent of which are in Illinois. Two graduates are attending institutions outside the U.S. Overall, 63 percent of students are attending public schools, and 37 percent are attending private schools.

Additionally, several stated they are taking alternative paths to continuing their education. Three graduates have enrolled in technical education, one has entered the military, one has joined the Israeli Defense Forces, and two have elected to defer college to work, travel and volunteer.

Where do GBN students go after graduation?