2021 Distinguished Alumna Award

Glenbrook North Distinguished Alumna for 2021 Beth Moses, expressed how important her time in high school was and how it shaped who she was to become as an adult. 

It was in Northbrook and at GBN that 1987 graduate Moses found her passion for science and space. She was a driven and outgoing member of the science club who later had the opportunity to lead the club as president. In addition, Moses was part of the Academy where she met her closest friends and found the support to follow her dream of science and space exploration. She emphasized how impactful these friendships were and the importance of keeping in contact with classmates. 

While still in high school, Moses took her passion for space and science and began participating in the NASA Student Space Station Involvement Program where she would submit shoebox-sized experiments to be flown in a space shuttle. Moses' project proposed a way to image fluid dynamics in the extremely weakened gravity of a spacecraft.

Moses attended Purdue University and received her Bachelor’s in Astronautical Engineering in 1992 and her Master’s in 1994. While in college, she interned at NASA Johnson Space Center Co-op Program working as a mockup engineer. It was during this time Moses grew her passion for space and science, eventually becoming a System Manager for the International Space Station for assembly and maintenance of spacewalk hardware.

In 2019 she boarded the VSS Unity, Virgin Galactic’s passenger space plane for its flight to test cabin conditions. She brought her GBN class ring to space. Moses was later awarded her commercial astronaut wings by the Federal Aviation Administration, being recognized as the seventh commercial astronaut in history and the first female commercial astronaut. As of 2021, Moses is the Chief Astronaut Instructor at Virgin Galactic.

Moses is grateful for the education and community she had at GBN. It built her foundation to pursue her passion of becoming an astronaut. 
2021 Distinguished Alumna Award