Business law students present mock trials before real judges

Associate Judge in the Circuit Court of Cook County Jeanne Marie Reynolds and Cook County Circuit Court Judge Michael Hood were special guests to Mrs. Karzen’s business law class this week.

The class hosted two mock trials with the judges presiding over the cases. The mock trials served as the students’ final exam for the class. They used discovery and research for about one month to prepare for their trial while Mrs. Karzen and four local lawyers served as advisors/mentors. 

Each student was assigned to one trial. They filled the roles of attorneys, witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants, while others served on the jury with parents and staff. The cases were equivalent to a first-year law school assignment, Mrs. Karzen said.

“I love the confidence I see,” she said. “The students did an amazing job.”

Judge Reynolds said she was impressed by the professionalism of the students.

“These students are tremendous,” Reynolds said. “I was extremely impressed with the civility, and how they presented both sides of the case.”


Business law students present mock trials before real judges