Cross School Fitness Challenge

GBN physical education teacher Sean Brandt has a new challenge for his freshmen students to experience a competition and understand teamwork.

Students in Brandt’s class competed against other freshmen at Lake Zurich High School in a run/walk challenge. The remote assignment had students log their distance by sending a screenshot from their fitness tracker or phone app. The average score for all students is used to measure the competition from both schools.

“Being able to take part in a challenge like this will give them the chance to work as a class towards a common goal and be able to compete against others,” Brandt said. 

The idea to host a cross school competition came from his friend and GBN Alumni Tom Reagan, who is a physical education teacher and the Assistant Athletic Director at Lake Zurich High School.

The two teachers played basketball at GBN over 20 years ago and thought it would be fun to unite the schools in a friendly competition.

Brandt’s class average score was 2.05 miles per student, while Regan’s class average score was 2.54 miles per student making Regan’s class the winner of the friendly competition.
Cross School Fitness Challenge