Cross-training challenge teaches perseverance, teamwork

Twice a year, all GBN physical education classes come together to put their fitness skills to the test. 

The school’s cross-training challenge was held Jan. 10 and 11 in the Field House. Up to 180 students participated during any given class period, with more than one thousand students participating throughout the two days. 


The challenge is built around self perseverance and teamwork. Everyone is paired with a partner to hold each other accountable. With a 25-minute time limit, students are challenged to complete a 2-mile bike ride and .5-mile run, along with circuits of push ups, sit ups, jump roping, squats, burpees, box jumps and weights in their personal best time. 


Senior Lauren Steiner said her favorite part of the challenge is “seeing friends from other classes.”

Sam Heydt, also a senior, said the challenge has given him a “nice change of pace” over the years.

The top finishers are recorded, but PE teacher Renee Brosnan said the department’s main goals are getting everyone participating and working hard. 


“We like to end our semester with this challenge,” Brosnan said. “All semester long we work on cardio and skeletal muscle exercises. Cross-training lets students show their teacher that they understand the exercises with proper technique, and understand what it means to cross-train in a given time frame.” 

The school also holds a PE triathlon each spring. 

Cross-training challenge teaches perseverance, teamwork