E Day: Celebrating the magic number

The Math Department hosted Explore Math Day (E Day) on Feb. 7, 2018 – the calendar date equivalent of mathematical constant 2.718. 

The number 2.718 is an irrational number that occurs naturally and is helpful in puzzling out exponential and logarithmic functions. Math games, geometric hands-on materials and algebraic manipulatives were all used for a day of fun on Feb. 7 to help students understand the significance of this number.

Activities were supported through an innovation grant that math teacher Karen Fitzsimons received from the Glenbrook High School Foundation.

"[Through these activities], students are able to develop an appreciation for – and understanding of – some seemingly complex mathematical concepts, and how those have relevance in their daily lives," Fitzsimons said.

The E Day celebration lasted about four hours and included 10 activity stations. Students were able to earn raffle prizes for participating.

Instructional Supervisor Dr. Maria Vasilopoulos said it was a great day.

"It was a lot of fun for students and teachers alike," she said. "Everyone did an outstanding job!"