Daily Resources for Students and Parents

Beginning October 20, the school district will transition to a full hybrid model where students will have the opportunity to attend in-person learning every day in either the morning or afternoon. 

Step 1: Complete the Daily Health Questionnaire
Prior to arriving at the school, complete the online Daily Health Questionnaire. Upon arrival, students will need to present their student ID to our security staff and complete a temperature check.

Students can enter the school at the following locations:

  • Door E - Main Entrance
  • Door O - Fitness Center
  • Door KK - North Side of the School

Step 2: Help Prevent the Spread of COVID-19
All students are asked to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 by always wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, using hand sanitizer and washing their hands. 


Most importantly, if at any time a student is not feeling well please stay home. A student can visit the nurse's office if they are already in the building. Parents are asked to notify the school about student absences by using a brief online form:

‚ÄčStep 3: Double-Check the Daily Schedule
Glenbrook North will continue to follow the alternating Green/Gold day schedule. Late arrival days have also been scheduled, which use a modified bell schedule. Below are the links to our two bell schedules:

Step 4: Resources/ Help Desk

Bus Service
Glenbrook High School District 225 has entered into an agreement with First Student (Northbrook) to provide bus transportation to families that purchase an annual bus pass. Information about the bus pass program is available on the school district's transportation website.

Bus service will be available in the morning, mid-day and afternoon. Bus schedules and assignments have been shared with families and are subject to change.  (Please note that the buses follow a modified schedule for late arrival days.)  Any changes will be communicated to families that have purchased bus passes.  Please note that all buses depart Glenbrook North 10 minutes after block 2 and block 4.

Students taking the bus to school during a mid-day route (prior to the afternoon session beginning), may eat lunch in the Student Cafeteria.  All students will be seated at individual tables (6 feet apart from each other) and will not be able to sit with others at the same table when students are eating.  After students have finished eating, they will need to resume wearing their face covering.

Daily Resources for Students and Parents