GBN Math Team wins state title for third year in a row

It was a three-peat for the Glenbrook North Math Team, which won the State Championship title on Saturday, May 4, the third year in a row. 

But it was also history making in other ways. 

•    GBN had qualified their entire team for the state championship a record 39 years in a row.
•    GBN also took home gold medals with first place performances in 7 of the 11 events.
•    And, Senior Sivabalan Muthupalaniappan and sophomore Brendan Biernacki each repeated as the individual state champion for their grade level.

“It's a real treat to be able to work with these kids; they are always pulling each other higher,” said Math Teach Coach Steve Goodman. He said many team members practice together outside of school in addition to team practices at GBN. Several also volunteer at their junior high schools’ math programs. “I am honored to coach such enthusiastic, hard-working students,” he said.

It was GBN’s 4th state championship. In addition to the last three years, the team also won the state contest in 2001.

Thirty students competed in this year’s competition. Students can enter up to three events and points are earned in each individual and team event. The team is coached by Goodman and assistants Brad Benson, Mike Campbell, John Krickl and Mark Lewis.

The following is a recap of awards:

Individual Awards -

State Champions - Brendan Biernacki (geometry) and Siva Muthupalaniappan (precalculus)
2nd Place - Angela Zhao (geometry), Sam Mitchell (algebra 2), Catherine Mei (precalculus)
3rd Place - Howard Dai (algebra 1)
4th Place - Britney Sun (precalculus)
5th Place - Songyu Ye (geometry), Yanchi Wang (algebra 2)
8th Place - Hyun Min Kim (geometry)
9th Place - David Wang (algebra 2)

Team Awards –

State Champions

Geometry Team - (Biernacki, Zhao, Ye, Kim, Jordan Bucher, and Natalie Sun)
Algebra 2 Team - (Mitchell, Y. Wang, D. Wang, Sarosh Nagar, Arie Ogranovich, and Jack Chen)
Precalculus Team - (Muthupalaniappan, Mei, Sun, Jake Shapiro, Matthew Chertok, Zach Wtizel)
Junior/Senior 8-person Team - (Muthupalaniappan, B. Sun, Philip Emmanuele, Katie Suarez, Ogranovich, Nagar, D. Wang, N. Sun)
Freshman/Sophomore 2-person Team - (Biernacki and Zhao)
Junior/Senior 2-person Team - (Muthupalaniappan and B. Sun)
All grade Relay Team - (Dai, Kim, Ogranovich, Mei)

2nd Place - Algebra 1 Team (Dai, Katherine Chang, Vidhata Jayaraman, Allison Lau, Matthew Oh, and Jonah Prober)

3rd Place - Freshman/Sophomore 8-person Team - (Dai, Jayaraman, Lola Podoksik, Megan Wang, Bucher, Zhao, Henry Ding, and Aya Sullivan)

4th Place - Calculator Team - (Chang, Biernacki, Chen, Y. Wang, Mei)
4th Place - Oral Presentation - (Shapiro and Witzel)
5th Place - Relay team - (Oh, Ye, Mitchell, and Chertok)

GBN Math Team wins state title for third year in a row