Hour of Code boosts computer science awareness

More than 1,800 Glenbrook North students participated in the worldwide Hour of Code for the first time this month. The initiative, which directs students to try a one-hour tutorial of computer coding, is intended to boost interest in computer science.

National Computer Science Education Week took place Dec. 3-9. 

“Many of our students will end up employed in jobs that don’t even exist yet; the world is changing,” said Steve Goodman, GBN math and computer science teacher.

GBN offers several computer science courses, such as Computer Applications, Game Design, AP Computer Science Principles, AP Computer Science, and Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms. 

Junior Matt Philbin said the Hour of Code was the first time he has tried coding since he was much younger.

“I like it because you can do whatever you want and be creative,” he said. 

Philbin said he is now considering taking a coding class before he graduates.

Sophomore Michal Burzawa also said the Hour of Code spiked his interest in computer science.

“It’s something fun and different,” Burzawa said.

Want to try it out? Try these free tutorials for all ages.

Hour of Code boosts computer science awareness