Sophomore Registration Presentation

2021-2022 Class Registration Presentation recording
Passcode: H5EzwFhe

Current Sophomores: registration is during Student Resource Time via zoom on Febuary 3 and 4 (students should click on the zoom link below for their counselor which are listed below). 

Students will select courses in collaboration with you and their counselor. Courses selected at this time do not guarantee enrollment in that class. While we try to provide students with their requests, schedule conflicts do sometimes occur. Counselors will notify students prior to the end of the school year should a conflict arise and work with the student to make another appropriate choice. In addition, we ask students to carefully review their course requests prior to the registration presentation as we build our master schedule based on student requests. As the GBN master schedule is based on student registration requests, student schedules will be locked in once schedules are finalized in June and therefore few schedule changes can be made which include courses needed for graduation or classes needed to meet college requirements.

Counselor Zoom Links:
Ann Gebhardt Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2544
Passcode: AG

Barry Ruppert Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2538
Passcode: BR

Craig Niemiec Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2679
Passcode: CN

Heather Higgins Zoom Link
Meeting ID  847 509 2539
Passcode 467719

Joyce Bozacki-Rae Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2545
Passcode: JBR

Kerri Newburger Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2422
Passcode: KKN

Mark O’Rourke Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 847 2546
Passcode: 278328

Mike Standerski Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2621
Passcode: MS

Rebecca Rogers Zoom Link
Meeting ID: 847 509 2540
Passcode: RR

Registration Worksheet by Grade Level:
Freshman to Sophomore, Rising 10th Grade Registration Worksheet
Sophomore to Junior, Rising 11th Grade Registration Worksheet
Junior to Senior, Rising 12th Grade Registration Worksheet

Sophomore Registration Presentation