Student Support Services

Dear Glenbrook Families,

The loss of a student is always devastating to a school community. The recent death of a Glenbrook North student has been particularly troubling, not only to the students and staff at GBN but to the entire Glenbrook community.

Throughout the school year, and during this week, in particular, our staff has been diligent in addressing student needs and communicating with parents. Throughout this weekend and into the future, we ask everyone to do their best to keep our students safe.  Your presence in their lives is extremely important, especially during times of loss.  During this time, it is especially important to engage with your student and help them through their grief.

Our schools will continue to work closely with students and parents as we seek to establish an emotionally safe environment. Both schools are offering grief counseling sessions this weekend and will continue to do so in the future as needed.  We wish to thank the efforts of many people within the schools and in our communities who have rallied to support our schools during this difficult time. The Glenbrook community is fortunate to have able and willing partners at our side during these difficult times.  We encourage you to continue your efforts by communicating actively with your students and our school staff.

To support our students and families, we feel it is important to provide several resources that are available in our local communities. In times like these, all of us need to remain connected and informed.  

Below are some resources that may be beneficial. 

District Resources:

GBN Student Services

GBN Anonymous Concern Line or text "GBN Help" and the message to 1.844.823.5323

Community Resources:

Community Action Together for Children’s Health (CATCH)

Family Service Center 1-847-251-7350

Youth Services of Glenview/Northbrook  1-847-724-2620

Haven Youth Services 1-847-251-6630

The Josselyn Center 1-847-441-5600

Willow House 1-847-236-9300

Additional Resources:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Crisis Text Line - Text TALK to 741741 to text with a trained crisis counselor


Most Sincerely,

Dr. Charles Johns

Student Support Services