Homebound Tutoring

District 225 Homebound Tutoring

It is the policy of the Board of Education of District 225 to provide homebound or hospital bound instruction at district expense for students who are unable to attend school for two weeks or longer for reasons of ill health. In order to implement this policy, Glenbrook North has adopted a procedure to facilitate the student's learning during his or her absence.


As soon as a parent is aware that his or her child will be out of school for more than two weeks, the student's counselor or the GBN homebound coordinator should be contacted for a medical form to be completed by your physician. The form must include a diagnosis and the estimated length of absence. The form must be signed by the treating physician and returned to the school as soon as possible. Tutoring cannot be initiated until this form is returned. We will request consent to communicate with the physician.


Tutors are provided for a student's academic classes for two hours per subject per week unless the physician advises otherwise. 
Homebound/hospital bound services may begin as soon as eligibility has been established (upon receipt of the completed medical form), and the child's physical and mental health permits.


As soon as the completed medical form is received by the counselor or home bound coordinator, a chain of events is set in motion:
  • The student's teachers are informed of the absence. 
  • The homebound coordinator contacts the attendance office.
  • The home bound coordinator secures the tutors.
  • The home bound coordinator forwards necessary materials to the tutors and/or contacts the hospital's educational coordinator.  
  • Tutors contact the student and family to schedule tutoring times.

Parental Responsibilities

The parents' role in this process is invaluable for insuring a successful experience for the student.  Specifically, District 225 asks parents to:   
  1. Monitor the frequency of tutor/student contacts and the effectiveness of the sessions. 
  2. Insure that the student keeps the tutoring appointments. Tutoring will be terminated after the third student absence or cancellation with a particular tutor.   
  3. Refer any problems that arise to the homebound coordinator as soon as possible.   
  4. Inform the homebound coordinator as soon as it is known when the student will return to school to facilitate a smooth transition. If a student is absent for psychiatric or substance abuse reasons, the counselor will schedule an interview with the school psychologist or school social worker prior to or concurrent with reentry to school. The purpose of the interview is to help the student make the transition to school by assessing his/her needs and providing an appropriate program (schedule, support services).   
  5. Direct the student to report to the school nurse and his/her counselor when he or she returns.

Questions/Additional Information

Questions about this policy and its procedures, or any issues related to the homebound/hospital bound program should be directed to:

Jen Rudy
Homebound Coordinator
847-509-2531 (desk)
847-509-2603 (fax)