Korean Parent Services

About Korean Parent Services

The Student Services Department has a counselor from the Korean American Community Services available one day a week here in the department.  Grace Lee is the current counselor and is at GBN on Thursdays during the school year.

Grace Lee is a bilingual (Korean & English) Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) who is working as a Family Counselor at the Korean American Community Services (KACS). Grace currently works with a wide range of the population, which includes immigrant families, violence victims, children, adolescents and adults. She also conducts couples counseling in her practice.

Grace received her B.A. from Boston University with a major in Psychology, minor in Communications. She received her Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Specialization from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Grace completed her clinical training at Resurrection Behavioral Health at St. Mary of Nazareth Medical Center in Chicago.

GBN Contact info:
Grace Lee
847.509.2256 (Thursdays only)

Outside of GBN contact:                        
KACS - Chicago office
Grace Lee
773.583.5501 x140

KACS - Glenview office (Mondays only)