Referral Process

SAP Referral Process

  1. A parent, student, teacher, or faculty member sends a referral form to the student’s counselor. These referrals can remain anonymous if the referrer so chooses.
    • Parents or students may use this form or directly contact a counselor.
    • Faculty and staff may use this form. These forms are also available in department offices.
  2. The counselor sends teacher feedback forms to all of the student’s current   teachers. Former teachers or other adults who have had contact with the student may be included depending on the circumstances.
  3. The counselor brings the student’s name and data  collected to the Student  Service Team meeting by  the end of the following week.
  4. The team will discuss possible actions required and plan interventions.
  5. A member of the SST team will report back to the original referral source, if known, to follow up. 
  6. The interventions will be monitored and the SST  team will discuss  progress and if any changes to the  plan are necessary periodically.