Work Permits

About Work Permits

1. Print and complete the Work Permit Application

2. Gather required documentation.

  • Completed Work Permit Application. Please sign and date.
  • Applicant’s birth certificate or passport.
  • Applicant’s social security card.
  • Note from Applicant’s physician or a completed Physical Form that is dated within one year prior to the date of Work Permit application.
  • For acting or modeling jobs only, you will need proof of compliance with the Coogan Act.

3. Upload above documentation into the Work Permit folder in your student’s GBN PowerSchool account.

4. When all documents have been uploaded, please send an email to Jen Rudy at

5. Wait until you receive an email saying that the permit is ready for pick-up.

6. You will enter at Main Entrance “E” at your scheduled time and pick up the Work Permit at the Reception Desk.

IMPORTANT: The following must be present, in order to receive the permit:

  • Parent/Guardian (please bring driver’s license or state I.D.
  • Applicant, if over the age of ten (10)
  • Original Social Security card (please note that a photocopy cannot be accepted)

Questions? Please email Jen Rudy at