Additional Graduation Information


The Jostens Company will distribute caps and gowns on ​Tuesday, May 19, 2020​ and Wednesday, May 20, 2020 during lunch blocks. The graduation fee of $30 was charged during book sale/registration and must be paid prior to students receiving their caps and gowns. Graduation gowns should be pressed to ensure a neat appearance. Caps should be worn throughout the ceremony. The mortarboard must be parallel to the floor. Tassels will be worn on the right side of the cap at all times.


Any senior wishing to speak at the commencement ceremony on behalf of the Senior Class must submit a copy of the speech to the Senior Class Sponsor via email (


During the ceremony, parents and friends will NOT be permitted to leave their seats to take pictures. Stuart-Rodgers has been hired to take a picture of each graduate as the diploma is received. NOTE:  STUART-RODGERS WILL SEND PURCHASING INFORMATION TO YOUR HOME. There is no obligation to order any prints, and the graduate may keep the proof. Glenbrook North is not involved in these matters in any way. All photographs ordered are delivered within 30 days of the deadline date.


Students should wear 
• dresses or skirts, but not LONG ones
• dress pants & dress shoes (dark socks, dark shoes, white shirt, & dark tie are preferable)
• dress shoes that are appropriate for climbing stage stairs

Students may not wear
• flip-flops, Birkenstocks, or other "casual" sandals
• gym shoes
• bow ties
• corsages
• decorations on their caps or gowns
• jeans or shorts

Anyone dressed inappropriately will NOT be permitted to participate in the commencement ceremony.

Use of cell phones is also prohibited during graduation. 


Parking will be available in the northwest parking lot as well as on the south side of the school. Entrance to the Center for the Performing Arts can be gained through the northwest door (KK), the main entrance (E) or from the south entrance leading directly to the Center itself.

Congratulations to our graduates and their parents!