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Hosting a GBN Intern

Three students sitting at a table working with an adult

The GBN Internship program allows students to begin exploring careers and following their passions while still in high school. 

It’s a way for students to evaluate career opportunities before making educational and financial post-secondary decisions. Through this program, students will complete 60 hours of on-site experience in a semester, unpaid or paid, based on the hosting partner's opportunity. The student intern hours can occur during a course block, after school, and non-school days based on the student's availability. 

Students will receive .5 credit hours for the semester-long course and be graded Pass/Fail, which will not affect their GPA.

The internship course allows high school juniors and seniors to explore a career path they are interested in before solidifying their post-secondary plans. The program aims to help students develop workplace skills, habits, and attitudes and gain “real-world” experiences outside of the classroom.

Potential Employer Overview

Internship hosts must provide students with job-specific shadowing and training experiences related to your company’s structure, operation, policies, and procedures. 

Compensation is not a requirement for the internship, but is allowed if offered as a part of the original agreement.

Frequently Asked Questions