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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Department of Glenbrook North High School is committed to the education of students in visual literacy and the creation of original artwork. In the creative focus, students develop craftsmanship, pride in their work and personal commitment to excellence. They problem solve, self assess, and participate in collaborative learning. In addition, students gain appreciation of diversity through the study of multicultural influences and values.

"To create and enjoy great works of art and beauty - this is the unique gift of humankind. Civilization may rise and fall, but art survives. The enduring forms of art, music, sculpture, literature, and other media are the benchmarks of the progress of civilization. A life could be lived immersed in creation and enjoyment of such works of greatness. Thus we may elevate the mind and soul and experience the joy of creation in its most exquisite forms. Thus, we may leave behind a part of ourselves." Charles Morris