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Transition Information

Transition in this context has to do with planning for post secondary life or life after high school.  

This web page will provide some resources and information for a wide variety of situations (from students accessing extended time at college to students with more significant disabilities and needs and everyone in-between) that students with learning differences/disabilities can use to plan for life after high school. The information here is not exhaustive but hopefully will serve as a starting point/conversation starter for after high school planning and preparation. 

Make an Appointment with Mr. Gatchalian

  • GBN PARENTS or STUDENTS can request a Zoom (parents) or In Person Meeting (parents/students) by sending Mr. Gatchalian an email. Ron Gatchalian will make every effort to respond within 48 hours. Families should have a student who has an IEP, 504 Plan, Medical Plan, Accommodations Plan, or History of a Disability. Students are encouraged to be a part of all meetings at all times. Here are links to the GBN Calendar and Bell Schedule to help you coordinate meetings and student availability:


Ronald Gatchalian

Teacher - Special Education