Special Education


Kathy French
Instructional Supervisor

Nancy Tichansky
Administrative Assistant
The Glenbrook North Special Education Department provides services to students with a variety of special needs.

Academic Resource

Through Study Strategies class, GBN offers support for mastering learner skills, relationship responsibilities, and citizenship in school. Students are expected to be able to succeed in a full schedule of college preparatory courses.

Developmental Learning Services (DLS)

DLS courses are offered in place of the standard college preparatory courses. These modified courses have less students, reduced difficulty and instructional pace levels, and individually tailored assignments. Classes are based upon individual needs.

Therapeutic and Academic Support Continuum (TASC)

GBN offers an alternative program for students with average or higher academic ability who are unable to benefit from the standard college preparatory curriculum due to self management challenges.

Glenbrook Transition Services

The Glenbrooks offer a District-wide transition services focusing on person-centered planning for students ages 18-21. Our philosophy is to provide a partnership between home and school specifically addressing the areas of work externships, postsecondary education, community access, independent living, and recreation. Goals are based on these areas while emphasis is placed on student self-advocacy.

Teaching Life Skills Program

GBN offers a program designed for students with moderate cognitive challenges and adaptive skill deficits and is administered by the North Suburban Special Education District. In small groups, with individually tailored instruction, students are taught life skills such as mobility, basic academic skills and socialization at a markedly less demanding level that the standard curriculum.

For more information on GBN's TLS program, please contact: 
Caitlin Locke, clocke@glenbrook225.org
Kim Fisher, kfisher@glenbrook225.org