Nurses' Office

Welcome to the GBN Nurse Station

Nursing Staff

Amy Domke, MSN, RN, PEL-CSN

Mary Kay Lutz, RN, BSN

Jean Yang, RN, BSN, PEL-CSN​
Health Office Fax Number: 847.509.2625

Health Information

Meningitis (Menactra, MCV4) Vaccine
Any student entering 12th grade must show proof of having received two doses of the Meningitis vaccine. If the first dose was given after the 16th birthday, then only one dose is required. Proof of the Meningitis vaccine is required for all seniors.

Concussion Management
Concussions sustained outside of GBN Athletics can be managed by the GBN Nurses. Please have the Concussion Authorization Form completed by the physician to begin this process. Information about our Concussion Protocol & Management (Return to Learn and Return to Play) can be found by viewing the links below:
Concussion Authorization Form
Letter From Nurses (Monitoring Process)
Concussion Protocol (RTL & RTP)


Medical Care Plans 

Care plans are required for all students with chronic health conditions. If your child’s physician has their own care plan form for schools we are happy to accept it. 
Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis
Seizure Questionnaire