Student Services

E-Learning Resources

The Student Services department recognizes that E-Learning is a great change in structure for our students. We are here to support you during this time. Please see our Executive Functioning Engagement Resources for guidance and fill out our Spartan Executive Functioning Support Form for further assistance from our team members. 


Each student, prior to entering GBN is assigned a school counselor who remains with the student for the four years. Counselor assignments are made alphabetically, and while the school counselor's role is primarily academic advising, short-term social emotional and post -secondary counseling are also offered. Each counselor is assigned approximately 250 students, a caseload which meets recommendations of the American Counseling Association.

The School Counseling program at Glenbrook North is designed to help students learn about themselves, identify their interests, investigate the world of work and take direct action to build lifelong competencies while in high school. High school students are faced with the prospect of numerous and diverse choices in post-secondary planning. In any decision-making process, gathering information is the key step. To achieve these objectives, students and parents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities and programs throughout their four years of high school. 

  1. In the Freshman year, counselors meet with students to help them understand their own learning styles and review available guidance services. 
  2. Sophomore year focuses on career options and the PLAN, practice ACT test. 
  3. In the Junior year, counselors meet with parents and students in group guidance sessions during which an overview of post-secondary educational planning is presented. 
  4. During the Senior year, students examine options, submit college applications and make post-graduation decisions. Throughout the four years of high school, students are encouraged to meet individually with their counselors.  

Our college coordinator, Dr. David Boyle, is available as a resource person. Check the College Resource Center for more detailed information.

Our Transitional and Vocational Coordinator, Ron Gatchalian, is available as a resource for students who have an IEP, 504 Plan, Official Accommodations Plan, or history of a disability. Check the Transition Services page for more detailed information.
Psychologists and social workers are also available and coordinate the 504 Plans and RTI compliance.