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Choir & Theatre Patrons Organization

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About Us

The ​GBN Choir & Theatre Patrons Organization is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the expansion, support, and engagement of the Glenbrook North High School Choir and Theatre community. We raise money to support our mission through membership dues, fundraisers, and concession stand sales at performances.

Our Objectives

  • To promote and support the education of Glenbrook North High School students  in the fields of choral music, theatre and stage crew
  • To work with and support the GBN Choir and GBN Theatre programs and staff
  • To raise awareness of the outstanding programs and performers at Glenbrook North High School

What We Do

The GBN CTPO contributes to the Glenbrook North Choir and Theatre community in a variety of ways. Some examples: 

  • We support the Glenbrook North Choir and Theatre programs by organizing event volunteers, helping with community outreach, and providing financial support
  • We help promote and advertise Choir and Theatre performances and shows
  • We provide fundraising opportunities for students and manage each student's Fundraising Participation Points (FPP), which can be used for choir and theatre-related activities  
  • We provide an annual Senior Scholarship for graduating seniors who have participated in Choir and Theatre programs at GBN as well as annual Summer Scholarships for current students who are attending choir and theatre-related workshops, camps, and summer intensives