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Board of Education approve new five-year contract with Glenbrook Education Association

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Board of Education approve new five-year contract with Glenbrook Education Association

On Monday, January 23, 2023, the Glenbrook High School District 225 Board of Education approved a new five-year collective bargaining agreement with the Glenbrook Education Association (GEA).

“The Board is pleased to have approved this five-year contract with the Glenbrook Education Association.  By providing our staff with continuity and stability, the agreement maintains and fosters the outstanding teaching at the heart of our Glenbrook excellence. The agreement also reflects our commitment to lowering class sizes in response to input from our families and community.  Smaller class sizes will allow our students to receive even more individualized instruction and attention across our curriculum.”

Bruce Doughty, District 225 Board of Education President

The district administration team representing the board collaborated with GEA leadership team to negotiate the new five-year agreement. It mainly focuses on continuing the long held tradition of providing an excellent learning environment for students, with lower class size maximums in all core academic areas, and multiple opportunities for student support outside of scheduled class time.  

In addition, this agreement redesigns the co-curricular, student activity and athletic staffing levels and stipend structure, which support hundreds of opportunities for students to participate in athletics and activities outside of the school day.

The teacher salary schedule will be increased by 3% for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 school years. The increases for the remaining years of the agreement will be determined through an economic formula using the Consumer Price Index, and will not be less than 2% or more than 3%.

“It has been a longstanding tradition for the District and the GEA to conduct collaborative contract negotiations. The current round of negotiations has produced a stable, forward-looking agreement that will strengthen teaching and learning well into the future.”

Matt Whipple, GEA President

The new five-year agreement will take effect on July 1, 2023, and expire on June 30, 2028.

There are more than 450 full and part-time employees represented by the GEA. The district employs 847 certified and non-certified professionals including teachers, educational support personnel, and administrators.

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