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11 Students Receive Spartan Class Act Award

11 Students Receive Spartan Class Act Award

11 Glenbrook North students are being recognized for embracing the school’s Class Act and treating others with respect.

Over two decades ago GBN’s Class Act was established. It stands for respect, accept and inspire. In 2016 GBN began recognizing students throughout the school year who do exemplary work. Students that receive the award are nice, kind, respectful, accepting of others and do the right thing without the need to be acknowledged publicly.

The staff generally show a great deal of admiration, appreciation and oftentimes emotions for the positivity this student brings to the school.

Mr. Eric Etherton, GBN Student Services Assistant Principal


Teachers and faculty members nominate a student for the award throughout the school year. Recipients are awarded during a breakfast ceremony where family members are invited to listen to faculty about why their student is receiving the award. 

GBN Teacher Christina Seaborg nominated sophomore student Mya Gerstein for her leadership role with the mental health advisory board. “She is passionate about mental health and has been instrumental in creating a safe space for everyone to talk about it.”

The following students were awarded on November 16, 2022.

  • Olivia Butler Bantz, nominated by Dina Houmpavlis
  • Carly Fernitz, nominated Chad Davidon and Maureen McDonaugh
  • Mya Gerstein, nominated by Christina Seaborg
  • Kai Gibson, nominated by Danielle Fluegge
  • Gabe Johnson, nominated by Renee Brosnan and Matt Fastert
  • Katherine Kushnir, nominated by GBN Student Services
  • Elizabeth Michael, nominated by Christi Rose
  • Cooper Mulch, nominated by Wahyin Chou
  • Kayla Novakovsky, nominated by GBN Student Services
  • Kieran O’Sullivan, nominated by Scott Williams
  • Alyssa Tsupin, nominated by GBN Student Services