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Nurses' Office

The Glenbrook North Nurses' Office is available to all students during school hours.  Led by a Certified School Nurse, the nursing team provides a significant amount of services to students and families.

These services include:

  • Providing vision and hearing screening;
  • Offering counseling to students based on personal health needs;
  • Coordinating student medication;
  • Recommending educational adaptations as necessary for individual needs including special education;
  • Recommending entrance into the adaptive physical education program;
  • Serving as a liaison between the school, student, parent and physician regarding the student’s health status when under a physician’s care;
  • Assisting families in using available community health resources;
  • Supervising compliance with physical and immunization regulations with the Illinois School Code and Illinois Department of Public Health; and
  • Maintaining up-to-date cumulative health records.

Contacting the Nurses' Office

Student Health Requirements

A doctor wearing a blue shirt, tie and white coat administering a shot to a women wearing a blue and white shirt.

More details about health requirements for students can be found on our student health requirements webpage.


Health Requirements and Optional Forms

Listed below are important health forms for completion for incoming freshmen. Once a requirement is completed, we recommend submitting the required documentation to the nurses' office as soon as possible. Please note each requirement has a specific due date, 

Due Dates

  • July 1 – Physical Exam and immunization records
  • July 1 – Care Plans for chronic health conditions
  • October 15 – Possible exclusion day for students noncompliant with requirements
  • May 15 – Dental Examination due, must be dated on or after November 15 of the previous school year 

Care Plans

 Allergy, Asthma, Diabetes, Seizure and other medical conditions

  • Care plans and health plans must be updated on an annual basis for students with chronic health conditions. 
  • Some common care plans are available on the Health Forms tab and in the health office.  If your student's physician has their own care plan for schools, we will accept it.

Medication Authorization Forms

Tylenol/Advil Permission and Prescription Medications

  • Tylenol and Advil are stocked in the health office and may be given as needed with a completed Tylenol/Advil Authorization Form.  
  • Parent/guardian and medical provider signatures are required.
  • Prescription and other over the counter medications to be dispensed during the school day require a completed Prescription Medication Authorization Form. This form must be submitted annually and when a prescription has changed.

Physical Exam

on State of Illinois Certificate of Health Examination Form and Immunization Record

  • Acceptable if dated within 12 months from the first day of school.
  • A parent/guardian must fill out and sign parent/guardian health history section and note any health conditions, disabilities, allergies, and medications.

Dental Examination Form

  • Dental Exam due for all freshman students, acceptable if dated on or after November 15 of the previous school year.
  • Illinois law requires all students transferring to an Illinois School for the first time from out of state to complete an eye exam. 

Eye Examination

For out of State transfer students

  • Illinois law requires all students transferring to an Illinois School for the first time from out of state to complete an eye exam.