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Graduation for the Class of 2023 will occur on June 4, 2023. at noon, at The Rosemont Theatre.

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The staff of Glenbrook North High School shares with you a sense of pride as the Class of 2023 concludes its high school years. Certainly, these students have had a unique high school experience. We are excited that we can offer them a traditional in-person graduation ceremony that allows all members of the senior class to gather for this special day. To celebrate commencement with the dignity it deserves, we need your support and cooperation. Please review the following information closely so that you may make appropriate plans for the numerous year-end activities. 


Rehearsal is scheduled for Thursday, June 1st as indicated on the GBN calendar. Rehearsal will be in 2 shifts, with an optional breakfast in between. Students who are planning on participating in the June 4th ceremony should reserve this day for rehearsal. Students must attend their ASSIGNED rehearsal slot because it is based upon seating and the order names will be read. All choir students participate in the 2nd rehearsal, regardless of their last name since the choir sits together at graduation. Students should line up in the Competition Gym at their assigned time.

8:15: Rehearsal One: Last Names Larsen-Zuckerman & SA Board & Name Readers

9:45: Optional Breakfast for Seniors from both rehearsals

10:30: Rehearsal Two: Choir Members, Name Readers, Speakers, TLS students, & Last Names Abbas-Lamet


This optional event is a great way to gather with classmates and enjoy an excellent breakfast. The cost for breakfast is $10, which may be paid in the bookstore or online by May 24th (see attached directions for making an online payment). Breakfast will be served at 9:45 for students in the 2nd rehearsal. Students in the first rehearsal will go directly to breakfast after their rehearsal. Breakfast will be served either in the main gym or the cafeteria.


We are pleased to share that each student participating in the graduation ceremony will receive 6 general admission tickets. We are not able to grant any extra ticket requests. All tickets will be issued to the graduates after the rehearsal on Thursday, June 1st. Lost or stolen tickets cannot be replaced, so please remind your seniors of the importance of being careful with the tickets once they receive them.

Please note: Seniors with outstanding obligations will not receive tickets on June 1st. All financial obligations to the school must be met by 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023. Please discuss this with your senior and emphasize how important it is to have all obligations cleared before the deadline. The commencement exercises (approximately 90 minutes) will begin promptly at 12:00 PM  on Sunday, June 4th. The doors of the auditorium will open at approximately 11:15/11:25 AM. Seats are not reserved.

GBN-TV will be broadcasting the event live via the Internet for the convenience of family and friends who do not have tickets. Please go to to view the ceremony.


Each audience member must have a ticket to enter the theater. When you enter the Rosemont Theater please alert the ushers of your need for accessible seating. No advance arrangements are needed.


Graduates sit in the house seats and not on the stage. Students will go backstage and walk across the stage when their name is called and then down the steps at the front of the stage to return to their seats. Students who participated in rehearsal #1 will be sitting on the right side facing the stage, which is also the side their name will be called from. Students who participated in rehearsal #2 will be sitting on the left side facing the stage & will be called from that side. When the names are read they will be alternating between the two sides. Please pay attention to which side your student will be called from.


Students who participated in Rehearsal #1 will enter the Rosemont Theatre through a designated door in the main entrance (east side of the building). Students who participated in Rehearsal #2 will enter through doors on the SOUTH side of the building. All guests must come in through the main entrance.


The Jostens Company will distribute caps and gowns on Monday, May 15th & Tuesday, May 16th during Block 3 in the College Resource Center. Graduation gowns should be pressed before the ceremony to ensure a neat appearance. Caps should be worn throughout the ceremony with the mortarboard parallel to the floor and the tassels on the right side of the cap. Gowns from previous years should NOT be worn. Additionally, no decorations of any kind are allowed on the cap or gown.

Glenbrook Scholar cords are distributed at the rehearsal.

Students may keep their gowns or donate them. Jostens will have a donation box in the GBN main lobby from June 6-9 for students to donate their gowns. Due to health restrictions, caps cannot be accepted for donation.


According to Board of Education policy, a student who does not meet the necessary graduation requirements by the end of the eighth semester (Wed, May 31st, 2023) but who can fulfill the necessary requirements by attending the 2023 summer school will be permitted to participate in graduation exercises upon showing evidence of enrollment in summer school to his/her counselor. 

Summer school will be held in the Glenbrook South building this year. Any outstanding incompletes, exams, or makeup work must be resolved before 3:00 pm on June 1st. If, at that time, any senior has a failing or incomplete grade in a course necessary for the completion of graduation requirements, the student must present to his/her counselor, no later than 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 31st, 2023, either a statement from the teacher of a passing grade or a receipt for summer school enrollment. This procedure must be followed or the student will not be able to participate in the commencement ceremony. There will be no exceptions.


During the ceremony, parents and friends will NOT be permitted to leave their seats to take pictures. Stuart-Rodgers Photography has been hired to take a picture of each graduate as the diploma is received. Approximately three weeks after graduation, you will receive an email to view and order your images online. Please see the attached flyer for more information. If you have any questions, please contact Stuart-Rodgers Photography directly at or 847-864-7322. Glenbrook North is not involved in these matters in any way. 


Graduation is a special event and students should dress and behave accordingly. They should NOT use their cell phones during the ceremony, which is disrespectful to their classmates and the speakers. Dresses, skirts, or dress pants are all acceptable forms of clothing. We recommend avoiding floor-length dresses because they are difficult to maneuver with the graduation gown. Dress shirts and ties are appropriate. Jeans or shorts are not acceptable. 

Appropriate footwear is also required. Casual shoes such as flip-flops, Birkenstocks, and gym shoes should not be worn. Dark shoes with dark socks are appropriate. Dress sandals are appropriate, but we urge students to avoid high heels since the stairs to get on and off the stage are steep.


Parking is available free of charge in the Rosemont Theatre parking lot. Since the GBS ceremony takes place at Rosemont right after ours, families must leave the facility and parking lot immediately after the ceremony.


When students walk across the stage they receive their diploma COVERS. Row leaders will distribute the actual diplomas directly to the students after the ceremony. If your student will NOT be participating in the ceremony, please email to notify us so that we can plan accordingly. Students who do not participate in the ceremony can pick up their diplomas from GBN after June 7th.

Congratulations to our graduates and their parents. I have enjoyed being the senior class sponsor and look forward to working with you during this special time in your lives.

For questions, please contact Danielle Fluegge at (847) 509-2471 or email at


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