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Reporting Concerns

Anonymous Concern Information


This anonymous service allows students to text a local licensed/certified mental health professional who is on-call 24/7 and can provide help for them or perhaps a friend that they feel is in need.  

To use the services, students simply text "GBN Help" and their message to 1.844.823.5323, and then will receive an immediate response providing further guidance. This is completely anonymous; the counselor can't see names or phone numbers, so students can feel absolutely safe reaching out for the help they need. In addition, a new Text-A-Tip app is also available.

Spartan Concern Form

Students, parents or community members can fill out the anonymous Spartan Concern Form to report concerns regarding the safety of students. Concerns reported via this form on days when school is not in session, or after school hours, WILL NOT be seen until the following school day. 

If your concern requires immediate attention during the school day, contact Glenbrook North directly by calling 847.509.2462. If your concern is an emergency or requires immediate attention after the school day dial 911.

  • In order to best address your concern, the following information is helpful:
  • What you are reporting?
  • What time did or when will the incident occur?
  • Who are the individuals/groups involved?
  • How did you learn of the information you are sharing?
  • A description of the incident.
  • How can we get in touch with you? (optional)